5G Masts and Anti-vaxxers

Conspiracy or sinister reality?

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Darkness beckons

Who the hell is Shaun? It is too late to reply. I stretch over to replace the phone on the side-table then lie flat on my back. I stare at the expanse of dark grey ceiling, hands clasped over my stomach, and regret agreeing to house-sit for Julie, who is stuck in Peru. I close my eyes, tired of staring at nothing. The expanse of black dots has my eyeballs aching. Eventually I nod off but I am disturbed by the sound of sirens. Am I dreaming? I click on my bedside lamp to check the time. But the light does not work. I reach for my phone and see it is 1.30am. My battery is low so I get up to charge it. The tiled kitchen floor is cold. I flick on the light. Nothing. By now I am awake and cursing the lightbulbs for blowing at the same time. I fill the kettle and press the switch. Nothing. WTF? I flip open my laptop sitting on the small wooden kitchen table and plug in my phone to charge it. But my computer battery is low. I plug the charger into the wall socket, but that proves futile. Damn it! There must be a circuit break or a power outage. I check my phone but there is no signal.

Smoking disaster

There are more sirens and I can smell smoke seeping through the air vents. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness as I lean on the bench top and stretch high on my toes, peering out of the kitchen window. There is fire and it is close. Dark puffs billow from nearby streets and there is a red glow in the sky. Something big has happened. I decide to get in my car and take a look. Pulling on my jeans and jumper, I reach for my coat. I decide on my Doc Martens before grabbing my satchel, bunch of keys, and camera. The door slams shut as I fiddle to double-lock it, then feel for the tall key for my SEAT Ibiza. The engine purrs as I veer towards the blaze.

Photo by Andrea Mininni on Unsplash


“It is no coincidence that we have a global pandemic of COVID-19. Scientists have been developing it for testing. As we fear our lives they are herding us into submission. And while we isolate they are rolling out the fibre optics and putting up the 5G masts and towers all around us. We are being attacked by toxic weapon systems we cannot see that cause chronic inflammatory disease and death.”

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Lacking morals

Rockefeller: In the late 1800s John Davidson Rockefeller rose through business, as an oil magnate. His father was William Avery Rockefeller, known to be ruthless, corrupt, and lacking morals. He was a reported conman, bigamist and dabbled in the occult. Disreputable he was involved in narcotics, and lied, stole, and cheated his way through life. Anything to profit. The family owned vast tracts of land, and wormed their way into banking, media, politics, airlines, medical and public education, petroleum, aerospace, and technologies.

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Closing down holistic health

Abetted by Carnegie they devised a devious strategy. They groomed and funded Henry Pritchett, president of the Carnegie Foundation and staunch advocate of medical school reform, to eliminate natural medicine schools and establish the biomedical pharmaceutical drug model, holding it up as the gold standard of medical training. Flexner was not a scientist nor medical educator. He was a former schoolteacher and trained in psychology. They succeeded in closing-down homeopathy and associated natural medicines and opposing doctors were jailed.

Big Pharma Scam

The Flexner Report of 1910 — known as the Rockefeller-Carnegie Big Pharma Scam — was devised to eliminate competition and teach only patented pharmaceutical drugs as the only way to cure illness. In 1847 the American Medical Association (AMA) was established, financially supported by Rockefeller and Carnegie. The AMA received grants and donations from Rockefeller and Carnegie. “Flexner approved” medical schools favoured synthetic drug therapy. They were not taught about natural healing cures and nutrition.

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Nobel Prize

In 2008 Luc Montagnier, French Virologist and his colleague from the Pasteur Institute were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for the discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

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World Health Organisation

Shaun is back from the bar and we ‘cheers’ our beers from a healthy social distance.

Democratic freedom?

“And what about the 5G Network? Rolling it out faster than we can protest is Crown Castle International. And who owns that? All the big banks! Yep, Rockefeller and Rothschild are in there again. And now governments want to track us through our mobiles! They say: to keep us ‘safe’ from COVID-19. It is all bullshit!

Brilliant light show

Jumping into Shaun’s Ford Focus we make our way through familiar back streets. After twenty minutes he switches off the lights and engine. Four others come to meet us. I am introduced to Jed who is a tall man with an Irish-Liverpudlian accent, and two other men who are short, thickset, and silent.

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