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In Old English, the word ‘wood’ meant mad, demented or without reason and that describes those people who still do not know how dangerous wood smoke actually is; especially the kiln dried variety thought to be safer and sold at a premium but actually more deadly.

All the ills of tobacco smoke are present in log burners and wood fires and the amount of smoke inhaled, even from a sealed log burner, is estimated at the equivalent of smoking three packets of cigarettes in a single day.

Anecdotal evidence from oncology wards in the UK suggests those using log burners…

Is this kind of behaviour still acceptable?

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“I am so fucking good, aren’t I?!” Kerry smirked, turning to me, delighted by the vision she had created. I nodded in agreement. Kerry always managed to create a masterpiece.

As the new intern I was in awe. I had loved interior design from an early age. My father was friends with Kerry’s as they both worked in construction. My dad the builder and Kerry’s the architect.

When a vacancy came up in her company she approached me. In the throes of decorating my apartment, I was getting through my savings fast. …

A Year of Reflection

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Thirst for adventure

The cruising industry took a battering in 2020. And as we sail through 2021 although vessels remain afloat, companies may not.

Nearly a year since COVID-19 entered the realm of Western Australia with an outbreak onboard the ‘MS Artania,’ the government has decreed a ‘snap lockdown’ to quell the spread from a single infected security guard tasked with managing hotel quarantine guests. As businesses close and wearing masks is mandatory we continue to navigate this epic global voyage. ‘Welcome Aboard’ our altered journey of life. Time to reflect…

We meet in Malaysia

Harris decides to fly to Kuala Lumpur to visit his sick mother…

Conspiracy or sinister reality?

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It is past midnight but I cannot sleep. I punch the pillows but the mattress is softer than I am used to and each turn causes a raft of springs to creak. Outside the wind howls, made worse by the loose pane that rattles in its groove and channels a chilling draft. I squirm low and pull the blankets over my ears. Blood pulses loud in my head. ‘Relax and get to sleep’ I chide myself. I am just beginning to free-fall into fantasy land when a buzz interrupts my flight. Refusing to be disturbed I rollover and wince at…

An Untold Auschwitz Story

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In Memoriam

COVID-19 may have taken the lives of Auschwitz survivors Henri Kichka and Margit Buchhalter Feldman, but their legacy of survival, in the face of atrocities, will always live on.

September 2nd 2020 marks the anniversary of 75 years since the ending of World War II, and in commemoration I attempt to recreate the experiences of one family of Auschwitz-Birkenau victims. This story is told from the perspective of a survivor, who did me the great honour of sharing it with me before they passed.

A Survivor’s Story

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Joe is a third-generation sheep farmer. Muscular and rugged from hard work, with a golden tan and short blond sun-kissed hair, Joe is a manly man, with big hands and a beaming smile. From the moment I swipe and land on him, I am hooked.

Initially, Joe makes me wait. Then, a week after my initial swipe, he returns my compliments. Soon we are frequently texting. Our exchanges became bolder, and on Skype over time, matters between us become hot and heavy.

A Survivor’s Story

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There he was. But why was he here so early? We did not go to therapy until the afternoon, as the drive to Tucson was almost two hours. But he was here already. I felt the anxiety welling up. My hands began collecting my things as I knew what was coming next. The classroom speaker attached to the office crackled badly. But the school administrator’s voice was still easy to hear. “Can you please send Kim Thomas to the office.” The room erupted with high school kids jeering and taunting as I stood and made my way to the door.

It was not going to be okay

In Memoriam Elizabeth Wurtzel

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We all have addictive personalities. Our thoughts perpetuate and patterns repeat. The power of the mind can be all consuming. We become fixated. Can we shake off those thoughts that dominate our thinking? Do we have the ability to control them? Is it simply a case of mind over matter?

Co-dependent relationships

It is hard to fathom but my friend Sara is now in a co-dependent relationship with her pet python. But this is actually a better place than Sara has been in a long time in terms of her addictive behaviour. Finally, she has managed to downsize her addictions to a…

A Survivor’s Story

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Stylists to the Saudis

One rainy winter’s day, out of the blue, my half-sister Lois and I received online offers to sign up to a two year contract as stylists at a well-known women’s-access-only boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We had both worked previously as personal shoppers at a high-end store in Cannes, France, while struggling to write our first novels. Much of the clientele had been wealthy Saudi women, who would spend up to $40,000 in a single visit. …

BB Moore

Passionate about travel/writing/mktg. Work with media/publishers to help others bring their stories to life.

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