Notes on an Explicit Autofiction

Tony Hanania’s Disappearance and Jewish Women

Over recent years, stories online and in the mainstream media often casually and in passing reference the controversial British author, Tony Hanania, as the “world’s most reclusive writer”, but one might reasonably wonder if there is any substance to these claims or whether they comprise just another case of lazy…

Is this kind of behaviour still acceptable?

“I am so fucking good, aren’t I?!” Kerry smirked, turning to me, delighted by the vision she had created. I nodded in agreement. Kerry always managed to create a masterpiece.

As the new intern I was in awe. I had loved interior design from an early age. My father was…

A Year of Reflection

Thirst for adventure

The cruising industry took a battering in 2020. And as we sail through 2021 although vessels remain afloat, companies may not.

Nearly a year since COVID-19 entered the realm of Western Australia with an outbreak onboard the ‘MS Artania,’ the government has decreed a ‘snap lockdown’ to quell the spread…

BB Moore

Passionate about writing. Work with media/publishers to help others bring their stories to life.

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