Hold My Hair!

Is this kind of behaviour still acceptable?

BB Moore
5 min readJun 29, 2021
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

“I am so fucking good, aren’t I?!” Kerry smirked, turning to me, delighted by the vision she had created. I nodded in agreement. Kerry always managed to create a masterpiece.

As the new intern I was in awe. I had loved interior design from an early age. My father was friends with Kerry’s as they both worked in construction. My dad the builder and Kerry’s the architect.

When a vacancy came up in her company she approached me. In the throes of decorating my apartment, I was getting through my savings fast. When Kerry dropped by, impressed with my design scheme and asked would I like a design internship which included being her personal assistant, I jumped at the chance.

Relieved to finish the Knightsbridge apartment before the Saudi owners returned, Kerry was now ready for her chilled glass of Dom Perignon. She was satisfied with the final touches she had made. Her brief was to make the space ‘glam’ and bulbous gold chandeliers cast opulence. Plumping up the ample array of cushions, she took one last look before getting me to take photos for her portfolio.

Clients came to Kerry. Gone were the days of having to tout for business…



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