My Friend’s Sex Addiction Ended Like A War Zone

In Memoriam Elizabeth Wurtzel

BB Moore
7 min readJan 13, 2020
Photo by Nika Akin on Unsplash

We all have addictive personalities. Our thoughts perpetuate and patterns repeat. The power of the mind can be all consuming. We become fixated. Can we shake off those thoughts that dominate our thinking? Do we have the ability to control them? Is it simply a case of mind over matter?

Co-dependent relationships

It is hard to fathom but my friend Sara is now in a co-dependent relationship with her pet python. But this is actually a better place than Sara has been in a long time in terms of her addictive behaviour. Finally, she has managed to downsize her addictions to a relationship unlikely to destroy her. For Sara, and many women like her, this is a real achievement.

Sara is that type who on the surface is bright, fun and bubbly. She is impulsive; you never know what she will do next. But she has paid a high price — in a way, the ultimate price — for her sex addiction journey.

Get to bed

It starts young with her bedtime routine. Sara’s mum and stepdad obey her every command or she screams; loud and unrelenting. First they have to read her a story, then make sure her blankets are tucked in. Then, and only then, can they start their kissing and goodnight ritual to…



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