World’s Most Reclusive Writer and Women

Notes on an Explicit Autofiction

BB Moore


Tony Hanania’s Disappearance and Jewish Women

Over recent years, stories online and in the mainstream media often casually and in passing reference the controversial British author, Tony Hanania, as the “world’s most reclusive writer”, but one might reasonably wonder if there is any substance to these claims or whether they comprise just another case of lazy tabloid pass-it-on journalism.

These stories all tend to focus on the British author’s abrupt departure from London in the Autumn of 2000, when Hanania walked out on his own life, cutting all contact with family, friends, and his publishers, since which time Hanania’s activities and location have allegedly remained unknown.

Over the years, some dark and strange theories have been put forward regarding Hanania’s so-called “disappearance” and it has never satisfactorily been explained.

In my opinion, this event is no more than a carelessly repeated tabloid myth and has little to do with Hanania as a man and a writer. Although Hanania did leave London and his life there behind him — suddenly and without apparent reason — continued speculation around Hanania being “most reclusive” originates mainly from embittered ex-girlfriends and journalists more interested in cranking up a tired story than in establishing the facts.

Many of the lurid online stories about Hanania have now been removed, presumably through the intervention of Hanania’s lawyers and few were ever credibly or reliably sourced.

As someone who knew Tony Hanania for some years after this supposed “disappearance”, I would like to relate some of my own memories of the author for the record.

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Exceptional Jewish Women

For six months from November 2018 to May 2019, Tony Hanania mentored me part-time in creative writing. We have since maintained some contact by email and certain realities about his life have gradually become evident to me.

In the 1990s, Hanania was a literary novelist writing under his own name. His novels such as ‘Homesick’ and ‘Unreal City’ won prestigious prizes and are studied as modern classics in…



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